Users Report Problems With iPhone 3.1 Update

The latest firmware update released by Apple may have improved security and added features, but some iPhone owners are having problems. Reports from users on the Apple support forums indicate a major problem with updating to iPhone OS 3.1 on the iPhone 3G.

Users are ending up with bricked phones, and iPhones that crash several times, requiring a hard reboot. Holding the sleep and home button doesn't always work, however. Some users are finding it necessary to downgrade to iTunes 8 and firmware 3.0.1 to solve the problems.

Other problems turning up include much shorter battery life, and podcasts suddenly being listed in random order instead of sorted by date.

Original iPhone and iPhone 3G enterprise users are reporting even more problems. Neither device officially supports Exchange encryption, unlike the 3GS. Apple did not actually enforce encryption policies on any iPhone devices until iPhone OS 3.1.

In other words, Apple is finally in compliance with the Exchange encryption standards introduced in 2007, and those people without an iPhone 3GS are out of luck. That is, unless their IT administrators disable the Exchange encryption policy.

Some users are opting to downgrade to iPhone OS 3.0.1 to solve the problems (see these instructions). In some cases, a downgrade to iTunes 8 or iTunes 7.7 will also help until Apple releases bug fixes (more help in this FAQ).


I hate to be pedantic but I'm seeing this a lot recently. To "Brick" an Iphone or any other product is not to make it so you have to restore or downgrade the OS, it actually means that you have turned your expensive piece of electronic equipment into a brick as it can not be recovered at all.

A good example of this is flashing the bios on a windows mobile phone. If you do it wrong there is no recovery as you can't get into restore mode. Now that is bricked... can it be fixed? Yes, but you have to get a replacement flashed bios and solder it on, so for most if not all it is considered as useless as a brick.

The only way I have ever bricked an Ipod (haven't been unlucky with an Iphone yet) is when a physical error occurs (eg. Hard Drive crash) and you are stuck with the sad mac face with no ability to go into DFU mode.

Recently, I updated my iPhone to the new iPhone OS 3.1. After I finished updating, it shows a message like the one below :

The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be suported

Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported Carrier's to receive a replacement SIM card.

I don't really understand what does it mean. I bought my iPhone in Indonesia. Can someone help me with this??


close itune then try blackra1n it worked for me
google it , its free

hi folks i need help with the iphone 3gs i tried to upgrade last night and it downloaded then it started to back up my phone then it went dead now the phone will not connect to the computer the phone has a pic of the usb going in to itunes so i tried that and it still will not do anything.

any helpers our there please


I upgraded to this so called awesome upgrade!! Well since then some of my already existing apps on my phone keep shutting off and going to the main screen! Now I can't access my iPod and I am furious!! I don't know what to do It was fine the way it was. How do you just have it back to it's normal settings?? Anyone know???

Mine is doing the same thing. First FaceBook would close just seconds after opening,now my iPod is doing it. Cannot open iPod, even with hard starts.

Plugged in my 3GS to PC yesterday to recharge phone and sync a couple of bits. Message telling me upgrade to OIS4 was ready and click here etc.

Result ? Phone dead apart from Itunes logo and USB link to it showing on the screen. Cant switch on/off. Nothing.

Went to I tunes page on PC - said my phone was in 'Recovery' mode and needed to restore. However this got half way through and then message to say can't be restored 'Unknown Error 21'. spent hour and a half with Vodaphone techie (very helpful but utterly frustrated with Apple. apparently VF getting slaughtered by complaints but can't do anything as it seems to be an Apple upgrade cock-up (as usual it's everyone's fault except Apple).

I'm on latest version I tunes version 9.2 but although we uninstalled and re-installed I tunes twice, disabling security systems as per Apples instructions, etc etc still sod all except an Iphone that's fast asleep. When i made a call to my phone I get a message that it's switched off not unobtainable so there is some life there apparently.

Any bright ideas ? If it is dead and it does get swapped, how do I delete all my personal info on the duff one?

I have apple 2g update to 3.1.3
after that i as not able to connect to itunes its charges wwhen connected to pc but not connects to itunes.....

so had reset the setting its took abt 2 hrs ,, but now it is nor connecting to pc in DFU mode nor starting its hangs at apple logo with a circle revolving.............

plz help me out

i unfortuantley kept on trying to upgrade my iphone 3gs to ios 5 but every time an error appears so i googled other ways and i saw people downloading it directly from iphone setting by General > software update ..... but the problem i dont have that i saw my mother's iphone 4s and it has it so any IDEAS ?