How can I fix blank emails on iPhone / iOS 4?

How can I fix blank emails on iPhone / iOS 4?

Sometimes iPhone Mail running on iOS 4 has the nasty habit of displaying blank email messages or loading empty message previews in the Inbox. This problem is easily fixed.

1. By default your message previews should be enabled. To make sure they are on, touch Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Preview and select the number of preview lines desired.

2. If you're running iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G, reset by holding down the home and sleep buttons until the Apple logo comes up on the screen.

3. For iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users, double-click the home button to bring up multitasking.

4. Find the Mail icon. Touch and hold the Mail icon until a red circle appears in the upper left hand corner of the icon.

5. Touch the red circle in the upper left hand corner of the icon (with the minus sign) to quit Mail.

6. Double-click the home button to exit. Touch the Mail icon to open Mail and now your messages should display properly.


this is brilliant it fixed my blank emails for iphone 4 has been driving me mad for days

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It worked for me, too, and I am definitely not "techy." Thank you for this. I ALSO found out how to go back to deleting unwanted e-mails rather than only being able to "archive" them. Great information, thanks.

Works like a charm. Thanks a lot for posting this solution. Recently I updated to ios4.1 and started seeing this problem.

Yeah, works for me too. Thanks.
But to be honest, I'd rather not have any blank emails int he first place. How do you prevent this from happening?

I'm so relieved. This worked like magic. Thank you.

For me it unfortunately DIDN"T work.
Still haveing blank emails with 01/01/01 as date, and no option to delet.
Using Cydia's "safe mode" I do see the email properly!
Reseted the iPhone a few times. Nothing helped.
Any idea

my hero!

Thank you! I got a little nervous with the delay in the phone resetting, but it worked great!

Thanks so much!! It was driving me crazy having to go on my computer to check my emails. This worked right away!!


Fixed! Thanks!
The blank email problem was driving my up the wall. This posting provided such an easy fix. It saved me a trip to the Genius Bar. And I learned something too -- I didn't know that double-clicking the home button brought up multitasking! Thanks again!


i'm never sure if these quick fixes are any good or not but this worked perfectly

thanks a million


This worked for me, thanks.

thank you this was some great advice it worked like a charm and only took me a couple of seconds.
I give you two thumbs up

What kind of a solution is that??! Have to do it every time I check mail. Is there anything to stop this permanently?

Thank you!! Fixed ;)

Thank you! Worked for me and saved me a one-hour trip to the closest Apple store.

Thank you. This worked!!!

thank you! worked perfectly, my phone is the lifeline of my business so this was a big problem for the past week until now.

Genius!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

very much appreciate this! thank you so much!

Yes, worked for me also!

Works perfectly! It was driving me nuts not being about to open my forwarded work emails. Thanks!

Geniusssss!!! Thank YOUUUU.
It fixed my blank emails for iphone 4S.
It has been driving me mad for 10 minutes :D

I really like the way you write the articles.

My mail icon on iPad is showing a blank background and I've tried reseting everything and nothing happened ...Any help?

On Friday my iphone 3G started displaying unrelated messages in the preview. I've switched it off and rebooted it at least 5 times and have also checked for software downloads. Nothing improves the situation.

I bought a Macbook Air at the end of January and am using iCloud (though I am rethinking this). Could this be part of the problem? Emails that don't display correctly on the iphone are fine on the Macbook.

it is really works,thank you very much Chinese Cars

Thanks! I have no idea what to do.

I have an i-Phone 4 that the mail option does no longer work on. It opens a completely blank screen, that on the bottom of the page in the right hand corner shows a square and a line, and after a short time it kicks me back to the main screen. It is as if something has hung. Have not been able to see my E-Mail account since December 23, 2013. Stopped by Mac store and was told to purchase a new phone. They just gave me this phone a few month ago after my other phone had battery issues. I am not happy with the support from the Mac store. Hope someone here can help!