How do I setup iMessage?

How do I setup iMessage?

Setting up iMessage on Apple's new iOS 5 couldn't be easier.

It's this simple:

1) Tap on the Settings app from your home screen.
2) Choose Messages.
3) Set iMessage to ON and sign in with your Apple ID, choosing the phone number and email address(es) at which you'd like to receive iMessages.

That's it.



My iPhone is stuck on the screen where you choose the phone numbers and email addresses. I can press the home button and go to other apps, but I can't get to any other settings. What does this mean?

Wat you say

Your iPhone is probably just frozen when you go on your settings. You should probably restart your iPhone and try it again

i caant find my phone number

You are a bunch of liars. That's not all there is to it. There must be more because this doesn't work.