How do I reclaim iPhone storage space taken up by 'Other'?

How do I reclaim iPhone storage space taken up by 'Other'?

We've been getting numerous reports of users, who have attempted to sync their iPhones after the latest iTunes updates (7.4.x), finding that iTunes shows space on their iPhone occupied by something specified only as 'Other'. Often, this space may be only small amounts (a few megabytes), but we have received reports of 'Other' taking up as much as 4 gigabytes.

Unfortunately, scouring available information sources and speaking with Apple hasn't led to any type of easy resolution.

If you're experiencing this issue under any version of iTunes, you'll need to restore your iPhone to reclaim the space occupied by Other. That is the only known solution at this time.

If you've found another solution to the 'Other' issue, please let us know.

Presumably this issue will be rectified by the next iTunes update.

UPDATE: User Andrew S. said he deleted "a substantial number of text threads containing pictures and videos" to clean out half of the "Other" storage on his phone. Andrew claims he went from having zero free space to 1.88GB by using this technique.


Well... After I erased those files in private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music I can't play the music files...! WTF... I think I just erased the music files!!

Get iFile - navigate back to /iTunes Control and creat a NEW "music" folder.
Reboot Iphone and sync.
All music will be restores and "other" will be gone too ;)

My iPhone has BlackRa1n installed and my Other is 11.57Gb!!!

Have downloaded and installed WinSCP but have no idea how to use it.

I got a Dialogue box asking for Session information etc - what's that all about?

If you dont have a jailbroken iphone download the trial version of DiskAid here:

Navigate to iTunes_Control/Music and delete all files.

It worked! Thank you 50 times! No restore, my phone is not jailbroken. It saved aggravation and time. I had almost 9 gigs of other after 3.1.2 upgrade. I think it happened when someone called during sync process. Very easy solution indeed.

not a jailbreak phone.
upgrade interrupted.
ended up 'other' filling up iphone space.

the diskaid fixed it.

thanks for the info on the web site worked great!!!!

thanks a lot, mate!


YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

wow...2 hours wasted looking for a solution and diskaid worked in 2minutes! got my 5.5G back!

Worked Perfectly!!!!! thank you soooooo much!!!

Nah, dude, this didn't work.... Whilst it let me delete the files you mentioned beautifully, unfortunately, no music or podcasts played after this treatment.

Solution ended up being to restore anyway.

iPhone 3GS with 4.0 software.

I find it amusing that 3 words after saying "Nah, dude" you use the word "whilst" :)

This works! I actually deleted all the files in each F01-F45, I didn't delete the folders themselves, I wasn't sure if I should have deleted them. It took a while seeming as I couldn't shift+click and delete them all, but it saved me a ton of memory on my new phone. In case someone was wondering, this does work on iphone 4! and iOS 4.0.1!

Fuck you, deleting all files also means all the songs are deleted
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It does work, but you have to uncheck all music, videos & movies. Then sync with iTunes, then recheck them all again & hit sync again. I tried this after I realized none of my songs worked after the Diskaid trick, no restore from backup needed. It worked for me.

This worked after I deleted the files from the music folder, but when my songs recovered, the I lost the free memory I gained before.

Gee thanks. Tried this solution and wasn't able to play any music, podcast, or videos afterwards. Tried resetting, etc. with no success. Forced to do a restore now...


Thank's a million!
I deleted everything (including subfolders) under iTunes_Control/Music and it worked wonders.

I have a iphone4 with ios 4.2.1 and got this problem when I had to restore mye Iphone due to a change of operator. I got freed about 6 gigs of music.

Resynced after delete and voila! :)


It worked! Thank you very much for sharing! God bless!

Holy f***!

It worked! I f***ing love you! Thank you so much!

Yes, that totally worked! Thanks for the suggestion!

8.4gB to 0.23gB in one action!


Now all I have to do is find the 0.23gB ;)

That didnt even work!! LOL did you comment multiple times with different emails just to promote your shitty app? Fuck off with that shit


THANX, worked like a charm!legen-dary!

Fan-frickin-tastic. I was able to install openSSH and winSCP without issue and then I deleted the files you mention. Now I have zero in the "other" category. It actually didn't nuke my music, but I have a first gen 2g (jailbroken and unlocked) and I don't have the space to really keep music of significant quantity on my phone (iPod is more than fine). So now I have almost 800mg more space available on my precious 4G. :) Thanks so much.
SOLVED. yay.

Thank You......This WORKS!!!!

10/10 worked 1st time :D legend thanks :D

You are great, solved!

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