What does the iPhone icon with 30 inside a circle mean?

What does the iPhone icon with 30 inside a circle mean?

You may notice a special icon with the number 30 appears when playing a podcast, audiobook or when streaming audio over the web. This circular icon with arrows appears next to the main play controls or under the scrubber bar.

apple iphone icon repeat last 30 seconds

What does this icon do? Tapping this icon will replay the last 30 seconds of audio.



When I plug the earbuds into my iPhone, sound continues to come from the external speakers, i.e. they don't turn off- and sound doesn't come thru the earbuds. Any suggestions?

are they being plugged fully into the socket? or it sounds like a problem with the socket. it might help to check how far the earbud plugs into the phone. Standard iphone earbuds will go all the way in until u hit the white plastic. if they dont go all they way in then u got something jammed inside.

Couldn't believe it was that simple, I feel a right twit. Many thanks

It is possible to change the setting back to normal if there is (no 30 in a circle) symbol beside the play button when playing podcast ?? Because the podcast repeats itself after playing for 10 mins and I know the show wasn't over yet!!