iPhoneSIMFree Software Unlock Now For Sale

Though many people thought that purported legal pressure and/or simple fear was going to prevent the iPhoneSIMFree software, which performs a full software unlock on the Apple iPhone, from ever seeing the light of day - think again. After reports earlier in the week that the iPhoneSIMFree program was purchased by third party, the software is now available for purchase worldwide.

iphone sim free released to the public

Currently, four different online retailers are selling the iPhoneSIMFree software, and all at a different

AMEX Cardholders Receiving $200 iPhone Purchase Credit

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the recent $200 price drop of the Apple iPhone. The news, which came out of Apple's September 5th media event, was followed by an intense reaction from early adopters who were upset at the financial impact of a price reduction so shortly after the iPhone's release.

amex green card

After Apple received countless complaints about the monetary penalty being suffered by early adopters, Apple and Steve Jobs decided to retract their initial response to customer complaints and instead are planning to offer all individuals who purchased the iPhone prior to the price reduction a $100 credit spendable at the Apple Store.

While this credit from Apple will allow early adopters to recover 50% of the $200 price difference, it seems there may be a way for iPhone owners to recover 100% of the price cut. Those of you who

Free Ringtones are Back Under iTunes 7.4.1

Though, like last time, it may only be a short while before Apple releases yet another iTunes update to close up a ringtone loophole - free ringtones are back under iTunes 7.4.1.

iTunes 7.4.1 was released just the other day as a remedy to the free ringtones loophole discovered by a MacRumors forum reader which allowed any music file to be used on the iPhone as a ringtone simply by renaming the file to an .M4R extension and bringing it into iTunes.

Though 7.4.1 broke the original method, as it turns out, a very similar and only slightly more complicated method will let you accomplish the same feat under the latest version of iTunes.

Here's how:

Leaked Ad Shows 3G iPhone in Germany as of November 12th

There's been a lot of speculation about whether or not the iPhone would come to Europe in updated 3G form or as just the same old EDGE model available in the US. There were even rumors that Apple was going to announce the 3G European version of the iPhone at it's September 5th media event. Though the media event provided no such revelation, we've got our latest item stoking the fires of the 3G European iPhone rumors.

3g iphone ad for tmobile germany

A European Mac blog recently published the above T-Mobile advertisement which, if authentic, clearly

iTunes 7.4.1 Removes Free iPhone Ringtone Loophole

Shortly after iTunes 7.4 was released, users were greeted by the discovery of a MacRumors forum user which revealed a way to sync custom ringtones to your iPhone for free, simply by renaming files. Immediately following was a great deal of speculation as to whether this "loophole" was left open by Apple intentionally, or if it was a rookie-like mistake.

no more free iphone ringtones

Unfortunately, the latter seems to be the case. Within 24 hours of releasing iTunes 7.4, users were alerted


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