5 navigation Shortcuts for iPhone that will save you some time

5 useful shortcuts for Maps on iPhone and iPad.

The new Shortcuts app, which is a reboot of the old Workflow app that launched with iOS 12, lets you create simple programs that use a variety of apps to accomplish a task. For example, the Time Machine shortcut for Photos lets you quickly pull up all of your photos from one year ago. This is just one of hundreds of pre-programmed Shortcuts found in the app's Gallery. To use a shortcut you need to first add it to your Library from the Gallery.

How to manually set your iPhone's clock

How to manually set the clock on iPhone and iPad.

Your iPhone's clock by default automatically syncs with your carrier's network time, which is probably what you want ninety-nine percent of the time. If you need to know the time elsewhere in the world you can simply check the Clock app's World Clock feature with a few taps. There may be times, however, when you want your iPhone's main clock to show a time other than local - maybe while you are travelling you want to know the time at home at a glance. Perhaps you are somewhere without service and your phone can't sync, or the network time is wrong for some reason.

iOS App of the Week: Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

It's been a long wait, but the fourth title in the popular tower defense series Kingdom Rush has finally arrived. Ironhide has done it again, turning out another 5-star action title full of fun characters, Easter eggs and more. Kingdom Rush Vengeance flips the script on the series by turning the player into the villain instead of the hero. The evil wizard Vez’nan has returned and he's gathering an army to take down the King of Linrea. Players must help Vez'nan rebuild his army as he marches to his revenge.

Best Lightning cables for charging iPhone

Anker Lightning cable red MFi

There's no shortage of Lightning to USB cables for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While some of the new iPhones are equipped with wireless charging, a cable still comes in handy for charging and syncing to a computer. With so many Lightning-compatible cables on the market, how can one choose the best value cable for the money?

How to make simple edits to Shortcuts on iPhone

How to make simple edits to Shortcuts on iPhone

The Shortcuts app contains a gallery of many pre-defined programs that use one or more apps to achieve a desired result. For example, the Directions to Next Event shortcut uses the Maps and Calendar apps to quickly provide you with directions to your next calendar event. Aside from the shortcuts provided in the app, there are many avid users who share their creations online in communities such as Reddit and Sharecuts.


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