iOS App of the Week: The Creeps 2 and more

Cartoon Craft

It was a rough week for App of the Week. I could not find a standout app or game to award the prestigious honor of being called the best app of the week by I had intended to originally review Cartoon Craft, but there is a bug that will not let me finish the tutorial. This looked like it had potential to be a fun RTS/building title, but as of right now I cannot play the game.

How to record sound with iOS screen recording

Screen Recording with audio iOS

Directly recording the screen of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has been a native feature of iOS for some time. Adding a button to the Control Center makes it possible to start recording the screen quickly, saving the video to the device's Camera Roll. Users may have noticed the default setting does not include sound. How does one add audio to screen recordings?

Siri could play Spotify tracks in iOS 12


Apple is opening the door for third-party music streaming apps such as Spotify to use Siri. Users of services other than Apple Music, such as Spotify or Pandora have dreamed of controlling playback with Siri for years. This becomes one step closer to reality thanks to something called Play Media being introduced to developers with iOS 12.

What's new in iOS 12?

iOS 12 preview

Apple has introduced its latest mobile operating system at WWDC. iOS 12 promises to bring speed and stability enhancements to all iOS devices that are currently capable of running iOS 11. This means nobody who already uses iOS 11 will be forced to upgrade their hardware to get iOS 12. But increased speed and better security are not the only features on the horizon. Despite iOS 12 improvements being billed as mostly "under the hood" there are many other highlights coming to Apple devices in the public release this fall.

What are the videos listed in 'Review Downloaded Videos' on my iPhone?

Review Downloaded Videos

Apple introduced personalized recommendations on how iPhone users can increase their storage in iOS 11. If you navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage you will see suggestions on how to better manage storage on your device. Using your own data on what's actually clogging up your iPhone is much better than using generic tips and tricks you may have read on the internet. The Recommendations section will typically include tabs like "Review Large Attachments" or "Offload Unused Apps." Some users may notice their recommendations include a "Review Downloaded Videos" option.



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