How to download your photos from Flickr

Flickr iOS

Photo sharing has come a long way since Flickr first launched in 2004. Despite ranking #177 on the App Store for Photo & Video, Flickr continues to host billions of images for tens of millions of registered users. The service has announced upcoming changes to its free accounts, dropping the 1TB space limit to 1,000 photos and videos. Free account users who are over the limit will have their content deleted automatically.

How to automatically answer your iPhone calls with speakerphone

How to automatically answer calls with speakerphone on iPhone.

Speakerphone is useful for a number of situations - it frees up your hands for multitasking anywhere from your office to your kitchen, allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while driving, lets you do other things while on hold, and some people just prefer it to holding a phone to their ear. That being the case, if you are one who uses it frequently, why not set up your iPhone to automatically enter speaker mode when you answer a call? The good news is you can do this on iPhone and save yourself a tap, here's how:

5 useful iOS Shortcuts and how to use them

How to use shortcuts on iPhone and iPad.

In iOS 12 Apple updated its Workflow app and changed its name to Shortcuts. A shortcut lets you quickly accomplish a task that would typically require a series of steps across a variety of apps. For example, the Home ETA shortcut uses the Maps app to find your distance from home and estimated time of arrival, then uses Messages to text your spouse/child/roommate/etc with a customized message letting them know when you'll be home.

iOS App of the Week: Shining Force and RuneScape [Classics]

Shinning Force Classics

It was a big week for classic games on the Apple App Store. SEGA released Shining Force Classics with 3 episodes of the Shining series. The new SEGA Forever addition turns Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force II into 3 quests for players to complete.

Shining in the Darkness is a first-person, 3D dungeon crawler where players must find the Arms of Light, save the princess and their dad, then defeat the evil Dark Sol. Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention is an RPG that allows players to take control of up to 0 different characters at once. Players can increase their skills and attributes through strategy, combat, and exploration of 8 different scenarios and side quests. Shinning Force II is also a tactical, RPG with 16-bit graphics, a new story and cinematic battle sequences.


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