How to edit PDF files on iPhone

iOS Files edit PDF

Need to edit a PDF on the go? Apple recently added a few light duty editing tools directly to the Files app. In addition to annotation, iOS users can rotate PDF pages, insert and delete pages, and even scan new content. Once edited, the PDF can be saved and shared. Files may not replace the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat, but it can be helpful in a pinch.

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 15 or later. The PDF to edit must be stored in your Files app, either locally on your device or on the iCloud Drive. Follow these steps to edit PDF files on iPhone:

How to delete old reminders on iPhone

Clear completed Reminders

The Reminders app continues to add features, making it easier than ever to keep track of to-do lists. Frequent users of Apple Reminders on iPhone or iPad may have noticed that completed reminders are stored indefinitely. This reminders history stays with iOS and is even synced with iCloud when this feature is switched on. iPhone owners may be surprised to know that Reminders keeps so many old and expired reminders around.

How to change EXIF photo data on iPhone

Apple iPhone EXIF

There was a time when the metadata stored with photos on the iPhone was hidden. Only special apps or post-processing made it possible to view or edit the so-called EXIF data on a photo. Besides recording the resolution, file size, lens information, and date of the photo, other data such as the location where the photo was taken can be stored.


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