Where is TikTok banned?


iPhone owners can freely download, install, and use TikTok on their personal devices in most parts of the world. Many national and state governments have moved to prevent TikTok usage on government-owned smartphones and tablets, enacting bans on these official devices. US government agencies were ordered to remove TikTok from federal devices by the end of March 2023.


Apple TV gets Netflix Basic with Ads


The long awaited ad-supported tier of Netflix has finally come to the Apple TV. Netflix has updated its tvOS app to include its ad-supported subscription tier, which brings a lower-cost option to Netflix viewers. The service is officially named "Basic with Ads" and first arrived on other platforms starting in November 2022.

How to make the iPhone screen red at night

Astronomy iPhone screen darkroom

There are many ways to adjust the display for low light and night time situations on iPhone. Night Shift can automatically dial down blue light starting at sunset, which helps to reduce interference with the body's natural sleep and wake cycle. Other ways to lower the brightness of the iPhone screen include brightness in the Control Center, Dark Mode in apps, and Reduce White Point under Accessibility.


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