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How to quickly navigate home in Waze and Google Maps

How to add a Home shortcut to Waze, Google Maps and Maps to quickly get directions on iPhone.

Punching in your home address (or work or any common destination) in your favorite navigation app grows tiresome after a while, even if it is already there in your recent places. Thankfully both Waze and Google Maps offer shortcuts to directions to your favorite places through a simple 3D Touch and a tap. All you have to do is assign your home, work, etc. locations, then they will be available for quick navigation. Apple Maps, as you would expect, is supposed to have this functionality as well, but as of this writing it is not working properly in iOS 11.3

Force Delete is a new jailbreak tweak Apple needs to add in iOS 10.3

Share 3D Touch

iOS 10 has made deleting apps from your device a real headache. Before iOS 10 developers had the option of adding 3D Touch features to their apps, but with iOS 10 every app installed on your device includes a 3D Touch sharing option. This has made it difficult to delete apps from your device using the original jiggle technique. It really isn't a major issue, but it can be annoying when you're trying to simply delete and app form your device, and instead the 3D Touch menu keeps popping up.

Five essential iOS 10 shortcuts you need to know

CarPlay iOS 10 improvements

The more and more we learn about iOS 10, the clearer it becomes that this iOS is not necessarily a complete overhaul of iOS as we know it, but rather a sort of “greatest hits” collection of those little improvements that Apple fans have been requesting for some time.

However, that doesn’t mean that iOS 10 isn’t going to change the way you use your device. That’s especially true of the many new shortcuts that it will gift users with that will soon become second nature tricks that separate device masters from casual users.

5 new 3D Touch features coming to iOS 10

3D Touch Quick Actions

Since 3D Touch made its debut on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, app developers have scrambled to include 3D Touch gestures into their software. Apple continues to add 3D Touch functionality across iOS, improving the shortcut menus available and making the feature more useful overall. The launch of iOS 10 is no different, with 3D Touch gaining several key features in the latest update.

How can I rename a folder with 3D Touch?

To rename a folder with 3D Touch, simply press on a folder. Select Rename from the 3D Touch shortcut menu.

With the launch of iOS 10, anyone with an iPhone that supports 3D Touch can enjoy a new folder shortcut menu. This feature brings a quick way to rename folders on the iOS home screen.

Pressing on a folder will also show a list of apps within the folder that have new notifications pending. To launch an app from the list, select it from the shortcut menu.



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