3D Touch

Facebook adds 3D Touch features to iPhone app

Facebook Quick Action Menu

Facebook has updated its iOS app with a Quick Action menu for uploading photos and writing status updates on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The Quick Action menu features three options: Take Photo/Video, Upload Photo/Video or Write Post. To access the menu iPhone 6s owners can firmly press the Facebook app icon on their Home screen.

How do I use the Peek quick actions of 3D Touch?

The "Peek" feature in 3D touch allows you to preview websites, email and even photos without having to leave an app or without having to open links. You can also use the peek feature to perform additional tasks such as replying or forwarding an email by invoking "Peek quick actions." To do so lightly press the link or item you want to preview, then swipe up to open the pop up box of additional deep links and features.


Can I adjust the Peek and Pop transitions of 3D Touch?

Yes. You can adjust the amount of pressure for the Peek and Pop transitions of 3D touch by navigating to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. "Peek and Pop" are what Apple calls the features of 3D Touch.

Peek allows users to preview items like email without opening it fully. It also allows users to swipe up to open Peek quick actions, which provide a dropdown box of functions such as Reply, Forward and so on.

Pop is the same as clicking a link to open an email or opening links to websites in Safari.



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