How to turn off turn-by-turn voice directions on Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze on iPhone

How to turn off voice directions on Maps, Google Maps and Waze on iPhone

If you regularly use a navigation app like Waze or Maps while driving, then you probably are no stranger to maddening interruptions while you are trying to listen to the radio or carry on a conversation with another passenger. Adding insult to injury, these apps will often repeat the exact same directions just seconds later. This can quickly become unbearable, especially if there are a lot of turns on your route. If you feel the same and are fine with just following on-screen directions, here's how to turn off turn-by-turn voice directions on Waze, Maps and Google Maps on iPhone:

How do I stop Waze from talking so much?

Being interrupted by navigation apps can be incredibly annoying, whether it is interrupting your conversation with a passenger or a radio talk show you are listening to. They often read out every street or road that an exit leads to, and often many times as you approach. Thankfully Waze offers an option to reduce the amount of turn-by-turn directions. All you have to do is select a voice without "including street names" written next to it. Tap the speaker icon in the bottom center, then tap on the voice to select a new one. You can also shut the directions off altogether from here.


How to get Waze on Apple CarPlay

Waze iOS

Drivers with CarPlay enabled vehicles or a third-party CarPlay display enjoy total integration of their iPhone with the vehicle. CarPlay may be optimized to make iOS simple to use from behind the wheel, but one of the top navigation tools has been missing. Finally, fans of Waze can use their favorite GPS app directly in CarPlay.


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