How to get Waze on Apple CarPlay

Waze iOS

Drivers with CarPlay enabled vehicles or a third-party CarPlay display enjoy total integration of their iPhone with the vehicle. CarPlay may be optimized to make iOS simple to use from behind the wheel, but one of the top navigation tools has been missing. Finally, fans of Waze can use their favorite GPS app directly in CarPlay.

The latest software makes it possible to use Waze directly on a CarPlay receiver or with a built-in car display. To enable Waze in CarPlay follow these steps:

How to get Waze on CarPlay

Once your iPhone and Waze app are updated, the real-time navigation, traffic, hazards and more in Waze can be viewed directly with CarPlay. Those keeping track of their Waze points will be happy to know that more points can be earned by interacting with Waze on CarPlay.

CarPlay users can also choose a custom car for the Waze map, and manually switch between the night and day mapping color schemes. As always, Waze is free on the App Store.