How do I use Waze's child reminder feature?

Waze has introduced a feature to remind you that you have a child in the back seat, how do I use it?

Unfortunately we are reminded every summer that leaving a child or pet in a hot car can have tragic consequences. The tech industry is tackling the problem, and Waze has come on board by adding a "Child reminder" feature to make sure you don't forget about an infant in the back seat when you arrive at your destination. To activate it, head to Settings by tapping the magnifying glass in the bottom left, then the gear icon in the top right.

How to set a child reminder in Waze.

Tap on General, then tap on Child reminder.

How to activate a child reminder in Waze.

Toggle it on, then create a custom message if you desire.

How to use the child reminder in Waze.
When you arrive at your destination, Waze will make a sound and display your reminder message. One caveat to be aware of though, it seems that it won't go off if you don't actually reach your destination, e.g. you park two blocks away. It also won't work if you stop navigation when you get close.
How to use the child reminder in Waze.