Antenna-aid Cures Your iPhone 4 Signal Blues

A couple of designers took Steve Job's press conference suggestion to make an iPhone 4 antenna band-aid to heart. The product is for sale in an assorted color six-pack for five bucks plus shipping. The two are now struggling to keep up with orders on the web site Etsy.

apple iphone 4 antenna-aid

Reports have suggested that electrical, duct, or even scotch tape applied to the lower left hand side of the iPhone 4 alleviates antenna problems when the area is touched. The idea behind the Antenna-aid is to separate your hand from the exposed external antenna to preserve the best signal possible. It should also garner some laughs, too.

It's a funny concept that may or may not actually help. After all, Antenna-aid claims the accessory is for entertainment purposes only, and lists Technical Specifications as "Umm... it's a sticker." What's sure is that the Antenna-aid will fit precisely on the outer rim of the iPhone 4. Apple is offering free cases to all iPhone 4 owners until September 30 due to the reception issues some users are having with the device, and Consumer Reports recently determined that an iPhone 4 Bumper case will prevent the antenna issue.

The tag line for the product is, "Apple made a boo-boo. Make it all better." The Antenna-aid web site posted on Etsy lists features of the product with a satirical shout out to Apple's marketing:

Magical, Works like magical.
Sticky, World-class adhesion.
Colorful, Colors you can see with the human retina.

Antenna-aid is also available in a bulk pack of 30 packaged six-packs for $90, which brings the price down to $3 per six-pack. The vinyl stickers are printed with a band-aid pattern and come in six different colors: blue, green, light-grey, grey, peach, and purple. It could be worth five bucks until your free iPhone 4 case from Apple arrives.