How to fix Gmail incorrect password/user name error on iPhone?

How to fix Gmail incorrect password/user name error on iPhone?

Sometimes the iPhone mail app will intermittently stop getting Gmail and the dialog box below will appear. The message "The user name or password for is incorrect" can show up even if you have made no changes to your Gmail account settings on the iPhone.

iphone gmail wrong password

Here are instructions on how to fix this problem should it occur on your device:

1. Quit all mail clients that are accessing the affected Gmail account. This means the Mail app on the iPhone and any other place you are accessing your Gmail from such as a computer.

2. Open Safari on the affected iPhone and navigate to this page:

3. Enter your full Gmail address, password and type the characters you see in the picture. Touch the unlock button to verify your account.

4. Open the Mail app and your Gmail access should be restored.


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Thanks A Million ....

It worked very well. Thank you!

Here are explanations I had found on the web before, and which worked again to restore my gmail on my iphone:

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account on your computer.
Step 2: Click on the settings Icon and then click on settings.
Step 3: Click on Accounts and Import
Step 4: Click on Google Account Settings
Step 5: Click on security
Step 6: Under the Connected applications and site select Manage Access. (you will be asked to reenter your gmail password)
Step 7: At the bottom of the web page click on Revoke your iPhone/iPad specific password.
Step 8: Create a new application password. When it shows you the new password you will then take that and enter that password from your screen into your iPhone/iPad for your Gmail email password.

The link below is from Google that explains the steps above."!msg/gmail/e-IWBuoNnvc/6NUoQIZ3rDoJ

This is because Apple doesn't support two step the proper fix is to not use but if you are forced to like me there is an easier fix. Just get an application specific password from google. You can do this under your google account security settings. Google has this ability for inferior products. Lol.

LOL! It's nothing to do with being Apple products! Apart from being a completely illogical assumption if you understand why it's needed, one of the examples Google gives in their how to create app-specific passwords is even "Bob's Android" - and there are posts under this very Q that say "works on my Android!" etc... Happy computing! :o)

in "how to fix Gmail incorrect password/user name error on iphone?" the #1. instructions says 1. quit all mail clients that are accessing the affected Gmail account. What does quit mean? How do you quit?

Fantastic! This is a great tip

Hi I've had the same issue with gmail on iphone and the captcha link does work to get gmail up & running again on iphone.

However I have privacy concerns as the problem comes back when I try to reset the password for gmail to maintain privacy. Basically it only seems to work if you use the given 16 letter password which isn't very reassuring.

Any thoughts?

thanX mate it works

Thanks a billion :)

Thanks a billion

Thank you so much for the advise!! Litterally been pulling my hair out trying to get this to work.
just logged in, switched off two step verification, logged out on my computer, then my phone and followed the link. clicked continue and it said try and log in from your device(iphone)
clicked the mail button on the phone and way to go! epic!

Thanks! This worked!

Great - it works...thanks GRACIAS!!!

It didn't work for me. Keeps showing the same thing as the picture above! Help! I'm really starting not to like iPhones anymore! Never had a problem until now!

very helpful.... thank u so much !

thank you thank you!!!!

I followed steps but doesn't work

TO ANYONE USING "2 Step Verification"!! USING SOME APPS/DEVICES WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE MAIL RIGHT and will trick you into thinking you have gone crazy!! (EXAMPLES: iPhone Mail, clients like Outlook, Apple Mail & Thunderbird, Gmail/Calendar over non-smartphone)

After literally being locked out of my ability to get mail away from my desktop for months(& no help from friends/family), I have stumbled upon the solution and just wanted to share it. You will need to ask for an "application-specific password, or ASP" Go to account (click on profile picture) then to the right of "Account Management" click Manage Security, which is a link under Password heading. Then scoll to 2-Step Verification and under that click Manage Appllication-Specific passwords. Make a note about what it is for, then Generate! Get back to your application's/Phones settings and in the usual spot you add your regular password, enter that one-time passcode! Yep, it WAS that simple.....Funny how it takes months to find a simple answer like that! Well that is my contribution to society for today, THANKS GOOGLE FOR BEING AN ASS

This worked! Thank you so much :)

It worked. Thank you very much.

does not work.
I can send but not receive from my gmail account on my Iphone

this worked - thank you!

Please try this

you can also read about gmail setup here

hi, in your directions, step #1 , you say "quit" - does that mean delete because nowhere on my ipod can i find a quit function.


on further inspection another commenter from months ago had a question exactly like mine and they never received a the hell with it, i just installed the google mail app on my ipod and now it works brilliantly

Nice! Thanks a lot!

Tried it. Does not work. As of today I cannot access gmail on macbook mail, iphone mail or ipad mail.


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