iPhone 5 Renderings Based on Leaked Case Designs

You may have heard that past results do not indicate future performance. Well when it comes to leaked iPhone case designs the track record is relatively good. That's why MacRumors decided to hire some professional designers to speculate on what the iPhone 5 might look like.

MacRumors designs iPhone 5

Pictured above is one of the renderings, based directly on leaked Chinese iPhone 5 case designs. Measurements were taken to reverse-design the Apple device that would fit inside these cases and the result is an iPad-like refinement of the fifth-generation iPhone.

The renderings are slick and depict an iPhone 5 in black or white bezel with an enlarged home button. According to reports, the next iPhone could feature a whole new set of gestures both on and off the screen. The screen itself matches evidence that points to a larger size, making the display edge-to-edge even while keeping the iPhone width almost the same.

MacRumors designs iPhone 5 rendering

The iPhone 5 depiction here shows a flat back, just like the case designs and reminiscent of the iPad 2. A soft curve surrounds the edge and the back is made of metal with an Apple logo window for antenna signals to pass through. MacRumors calculated the size of the iPhone 5 and determined that the new handset would be slightly shorter, thinner and wider than its predecessor. It's also possible the larger hole in the front of the case is designed to allow swipe gestures across a standard round home button as opposed to the wider version pictured here.

Regardless, it seems that the folks over at CiccareseDesign have rendered photos that will be quite close to the real thing. These renderings match closely to previous iPhone 5 renderings by the Mac Treasure Tracing Club. The real iPhone 5 is expected to hit shelves in September or October of this year.


Thinner design... smaller battery... shorter battery life.
Bigger CPU... STILL shorter battery life. (And more heat generated)
Higher resolution screen.

The iPhone4 was a good size. Use the smaller design to include a BIGGER battery inside.

Faster CPU: Apps load in 0.3 secs... instead of 0.4 secs. (I've never had a speed problem with my old iPhone4 CPU.)

Higher resolution: Pixels that were already smaller than your eye could even see... are now (pointless) even smaller.