ThinkGeek Introduces New iCade Wireless Gaming Controller

ThinkGeek has announced their newest retro wireless game controller for the iPhone or iPad. The 8-Bitty is an NES inspired eight button controller that works with all iCade games. It requires two AAA batteries and is small enough to fit in your pocket. The controller will be available later this year for $24.99 exclusively at ThinkGeek.


The 8-Bitty is also compatible with the Atari Classics collection and other retro gaming apps. Check out a list of compatible games below.

Muffin Knight - Angry Mob Games
Minotron: 2112 - Llamasoft
Velocispider - Retro Dreamer
No Gravity - Realtech VR
Super Mega Worm - Deceased Pixel LLC
Space Inversion - Silverline Arts
Sideways Racing - Bjango
Emerald Mine - Les Bird
Freeesh - Realtech VR
Commodore 64 - Manomio LLC
The Exterminator - SUMO Productions
IronStar Arena - Appracatappra, LLC.
Compression HD - Little White Bear Studios, LLC
Mos Speedrun - Physmo
Warblade HD - Edgar Vigdal
Plum Crazy - Claymore Games
HungryMaster - xionchannel
Cyborg Livestock - PopArcade
Space Inversion 2. - Silverline Arts
Stardash - OrangePixel
Super Drill Panic - OrangePixel
GoatUp - Llamasoft
Minotaur Rescue - Llamasoft
Bob's Action Racing - VariaMedia GmbH
Silverfish MAX - Chaotic Box
Match Panic - Chaotic Box
Retroid - Flat Black Films
Box Cat - Rusty Moyher
Fruity The Snake HD - 22Moo
AirAttack HD - Art In Games
Temple Run - Imangi Studios, LLC
Haunted Hallway - UNCADE
HyperBowl - Technicat, LLC
Battlestation: Quixotic - CrushCrumble
Jungool - Headsoft
Influx - Half Fast Games

[via ThinkGeek]