Simplify Your iPhone Home Screen With This Tweak

If you're looking for a way to simplify your home screen on demand, DockHide can be installed for free from the Cydia jailbreak app store. This tweak provides an easy way to hide the home screen dock, leaving only the icons and a clean, organized look.

Hiding the dock does not affect scrolling left to right, and you can bring the dock back to the home screen at any time with a simple gesture. Gestures to hide the dock can be configured through a simple Activator function, such as triple pressing the home button.

DockHide can be configured through the Settings, which also provides an option to stretch out the home screen icons to fill up the extra space on the home screen (shown on the right in the photo above). This happens automatically when the dock is hidden and collapses back to a standard format when the dock is brought back.

The tweak is available for free from the ModMyi repository. Once installed, the tweak can be configured under Settings -> DockHide. Options include a complete list of Activation Methods to hide the dock and the ability to enable better spacing of home screen icons. To enable this feature simply choose Stretch SpringBoard Icons -> Enabled -> ON/OFF. DockHide version 0.9 was developed by PathKiller29.