SloPro App Records Slow Motion on iPhone 4S

Looking to record real slow motion video at 60 fps (frames per second)? Thanks to SloPro from Sand Mountain Studios, your iPhone 4S can now handle the job at 720p HD resolution. Unlike editing software that slows down standard 30 fps video after the fact, SloPro actually records high quality, smooth slow motion directly.

iPhone app slow motion video recording

The higher frame rate can be toggled at any time by pressing the volume down button while recording video. Just like the camera roll, videos recorded with SloPro can be trimmed, and the slow motion can be changed after recording is complete.

For 60 fps the iPhone 4S is required, although the app will run on an iPhone 4 and record the slow motion segments at 30 fps. Videos can be exported from the iPhone 4S as raw 60 fps videos using iTunes, or converted to 30 fps and saved to the camera roll after editing. The Pro Upgrade of SloPro provides YouTube and Facebook uploading when you're interested in sharing your slow motion creations.

SloPro can be downloaded on the App Store for free, although it will watermark your videos by default. To unlock all of the features and remove the watermark purchase the Pro Upgrade in-app for $1.99.