iPhone experiment yields unbelievable ski video

One of the selling points of the iPhone 6 camera is 240 fps slow motion video. Professional skier Nicholas Vuigner puts it to the test in this extreme downhill ski video. After two years of testing a 3D-printed iPhone mount of his own design, he dubbed the result Centriphone. As one can see in the video, the iPhone 6 is tethered by string and rotates around the subject at high speed.

Even though Nicholas speeds downhill and performs freestyle ski moves, he managed not to destroy any iOS devices. He plans to distribute designs for the Centriphone, so that anyone can print their own. Also in the works is a second "making of" video showcasing how he made the Centriphone spot.

Spinning the iPhone 6 around in a circle results in a unique slow motion capture of the action. While the GoPro is often used in action shots like these, it's clear the iPhone 6 can hold its own. Because each shot depends on centrifugal force to keep the camera aloft, the result can be dizzying at times.

The iPhone 7 camera is rumored to include more improvements, which could make a video like Centriphone even more impressive. Besides losing the camera lens bump, the iPhone 7 Plus may gain dual-lens technology that Apple acquired from LinX last year.

Check out Centriphone on YouTube, an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier.