Can I automatically download iPhone app updates?

Can I automatically download iPhone app updates?

Some of our readers have asked whether or not the iPhone will automatically download app updates. The iPhone notifies users with a badge alert when there are new updates available in the App Store. So is there a setting that will automatically grab updates when they become available?

No, currently iOS 6 has no built-in feature in Settings that will allow apps to auto-update. Although users don't have to re-enter their Apple ID to update apps, the App Store must be opened and the updates must be manually started.

The only shortcut when there are multiple apps that need updating is an Update All button.

UPDATE: iOS 7 users can now update apps automatically. Click here for instructions on how to enable automatic app downloads after iOS 7 is installed on your device.


Auto Update now possible for jailbreakers.

Check out "Auto App Updater" on the repo.

It does exactly that! I just installed it and it's perfect. For those of you that are worried that it's a bad idea to update apps without making sure they don't have "major bugs" should turn off auto updates for your mission critical apps in the settings. Problem solved.