Rumor: Apple to Announce 3G Capable iPhone 2 Later Today

A rumor, originated by UK gadget magazine T3, is suggesting that Apple will announce the existence of a 2nd generation iPhone that offers 3G connectivity at it's September 5th media event, happening later today. Also rumored to be coming later today is the announcement of a confirmed UK release date for the iPhone.

3g iphone coming to europe

Though there's no indication on where the evidence for a 3G iPhone is coming from (if in fact there is any), according to T3, information from a source at the BBC indicates that today's media event will offer viewers a chance to "witness the UK release of the iPhone".

Apple's announcements will be broadcast later today via the BBC to an audience selected by Apple.

Earlier this week, rumors out of AppleInsider suggested that design of the iPhone 2 has already been designed and completed. The second-coming of the iPhone was said to feature a siginificant change in shape and design.

Reports earlier this year provided a significant amount of evidence that Europe would get a 3G version of the iPhone.

Should a second generation iPhone with 3G connectivity be on the horizon, there's no information on whether this model will become available in the US, or whether it will only be made available to customers in overseas markets where more mature 3G networks exist.

Whatever Apple reveals, we'll bring you the details as soon as they become available. Check back later for updates.


would they just go and announce it already!
how much later today... they've kept us waiting long enough!

If the 2nd generation iPhone has 3G and comes out anytime soon in the US, Apple BETTER MAKE SURE is has a way of upgrading the 1st generation iPhones to 3G as well, or else risk a serious backlash from their enthusiastic base, considering they've already lowered the price of the 1st generation iPhone by $200, making us all look like chumps.

Well this turned out not to be the case, but why on earth would people think that the BBC would be broadcasting any such thing?!? They are a public service broadcaster... they would never get involved in something commercial like that. When the UK iPhone does hit the shelves the BBC at most will have a news item about it... but for balance they will make it clear that 'other mobile phones are available'. Some of these rumours crack me up!