Gold and Gray iPhone 5S nanoSIM Trays Leaked [Rumor]

Next-generation iPhone rumors have been scarce and underwhelming this year. The possibility that Apple will release an all-plastic budget iPhone is not really interesting to those who already own an iDevice, and rumors about fingerprint technology isn't really turning many heads. The latest leak, two purported "iPhone 5S" nanoSIM trays posted by Cult of Mac, is not helping create any iPhone mania either.

iPhone 5S Rumors

It is hard to believe Apple would release gold and gray iPhone models. However, Cult of Mac points out that the iPhone 5 nanoSIM trays are silver and black to match the device's color. A gold iPhone would be pretty tacky, and no one is clamoring for a gray smartphone. There has been mention that Apple will offer the next-generation iPhone in an array of different colors like the iPod, but I don't think gold and gray is what people had in mind.

It's also believed the new iPhone will feature a 13 megapixel camera with better low light performance, and new HDR capabilities for capturing better high dynamic range images. A new and improved camera would be a very welcomed upgrade instead of a useless fingerprint scanner.