How do I get the Hawkeye achievement in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers?

How do I get the Hawkeye achievement in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers?

This can be a tricky one. The hint says: "Apply one Falconeer bonus to 4 towers." This means you need to upgrade four of your Archer Towers to Crossbow Forts. Each Crossbow Fort needs to be next to another tower of any kind. After all your towers are placed and upgraded, add the Falconeer bonus to each of your four Crossbow Forts. This will give the Crossbow Forts and adjacent towers a purple ring around them. You will unlock the achievement once all eight of your towers have a purple ring.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hawkeye Achievement

Here's an example: One of the best places to unlock this achievement is level 5 Buccaneer's Den. The same level where you can catch the mermaid. You can see from the picture above, that I used four Crossbow Forts with the Falconeer bonus to boost four Mage Towers. This is how I unlocked the achievement.



I tried your suggest but still cannot get the achievement. Any other suggestion?

Thanks so much!

Hmm not really. It should work if you did it exactly like the picture. You can earn the achievement on any level that allows you to upgrade to the archer towers. You just need to pair 4 archer towers with 4 other towers. Make sure they are near each other so the bonus is given to the neighboring tower. You need to have 8 towers with a purple ring for it to work. Sorry if that's not more helpful.

This isn't quite right. In order to obtain the achievement you need to be able to have one crossbow tower with the falconer bonus adjacent to four other attacking towers. You may have to upgrade the falcon bonus one or two more times until it completely covers at least four other towers. Once you have at least four other towers covered by the single crossbow tower you will obtain the achievement.

I agree. Easiest done on stage Ma'qwa Urqu in the top left corner.

this is correct,worked first try ty

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