iPhone in France on November 29th Sans 3G

Everyone expects the first iPhone to be sold in Europe this Tuesday, September 18th, at the Apple press conference being held at London's Regent Street Apple Store. There have also been rumors that the iPhone will be released in Germany on November 12th. The latest in Euro-iPhone news suggests that the iPhone may be available in France as of November 29th, but perhaps not exactly how our neighbors across the sea had hoped.

the french version of the apple iphone

According to French technology blog TechCrunch, the iPhone will be available in France on November

29th, but with two very important omissions. Despite rumors that the UK iPhone expected this week would be 3G, TechCrunch's source indicates that the French iPhone will not be 3G, and will instead be the same EDGE model sold in the US. This may help squash the hopes of UK residents whose fingers were crossed for the 3G announcement to be made Tuesday.

TechCrunch also states that the French iPhone will be ofference exclusively through Orange, who will not be offering French customers an unlimited iPhone data plan. Considering the functionalities of the iPhone, which result in high data usage compared to traditional mobile phones, this could create a large barrier to entry for many French consumers. Especially with the handful of multi-thousand dollar iPhone data bills out there, many may want to avoid putting themselves in harm's way.

The iPhone will reportedly sell for 300 Euros in France, with a contractual commitment to Orange required.

[via TechCrunch France]