Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Rising Tides Update Trailer

The popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is getting a major update. Ironhide Studios has listened to its iOS fans and is adding all new levels, enemies and heroes on August 1st. Unfortunately, Ironhide disappointed other fans of the franchise by once again snubbing Android, Flash and Steam users. However, the developer did address the controversy via its official Facebook page on Friday:

"Hi everyone! We are working very hard to deliver the Android, Flash and Steam versions as soon as possible. Your feedback is always welcomed and very useful for us. Stay tuned for more news and surprises! Thank you for being part of our awesome community!"

Demand for Android, Flash and Steam versions of the game has turned into an outright flame war on all Ironhide's social media pages. Hopefully those fans will get a chance to enjoy Frontiers soon, because it is a shame that anyone is being left out of all the fun.

It's also unknown if the new "Rising Tides" stages, or new heroes Kutsoa and Karkinos, will cost additional money as an in-app purchases. I can't imagine Kingdom Rush fans won't be willing to pay an additional $0.99 to $2.99 for the new levels after watching the trailer posted above. The new levels and villains look amazing, and this is what we all have been asking for. The update was also perfectly timed for most die hard Kingdom Rush fans. We can only hope Ironhide keeps pumping out the bonus material, and doesn't make us ever wait again.