Irohnide Pens Letter to Fans Explaining Why There is No PC Version of Kingdom Rush Origins

Ironhide Game Studio's popular tower defense series Kingdom Rush has had weird launch history. The original title got its start as a free flash game on in 2011 and was ported to the iPad a few months later. The game was eventually released to Android devices in 2013 before it finally landed on Steam in 2014. The sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, was originally released to iOS devices before making its way to Android and back to where it all started on Armor Games. Unfortunately for PC fans the third title in the series, Kingdom Rush Origins, was only released for iOS, Android and Amazon mobile devices with no plans for a PC release, but why?

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Today Ironghide released an "open letter of love" explaining why there will never be a PC version of the prequel. The letter gives a detailed explanation as to why the Ironhide team chose not to release a PC version and all Kingdom Rush fans should read it in its entirety.

Juan Amorin, Community Manager of Ironhide Game Studio, said the decision not to make a PC version of Kingdom Rush Origins does not mean Ironhide plans to stop making games for the PC. He also added that the studio will begin working on new titles, but did not say if Origins will be the last game in the Kingdom Rush series. Hopefully Ironhide has some new and interesting ideas in the pipeline and we can keep our fingers crossed that they decide to revisit the Kingdom Rush universe sometime again in the near future.