Can I pre-order the 3G iPhone?

Can I pre-order the 3G iPhone?

Those looking for information on pre-ordering the new iPhone 3G S will be pleasantly surprised to hear that you CAN pre-order the new iPhone 3G S. Delivery on June 19th. Learn how to pre-order the iPhone 3GS here.

As far as the original iPhone 3G (at the time of its release) was concerned ...

No, as with the first incarnation of the Apple iPhone, there is no pre-order available. If you're hoping to get your hands on one and are worried about limited supply (although this was not an issue with the first iPhone), be prepared to get in line.


That's actually incorrect, if you go to an at&t store you will be able to pre-order an iphone and get on a waiting list. As of yesterday they say that your phone will be delievered in three weeks and they will call when it comes. When you place a pre-order you need your SSN# and you have to be authorized on your at&t account.