Galactic Nemesis: An old school space shooter for the iPhone

Galactic Nemesis

iOS devices have proven that not all video games have to be million dollar AAA first-person shooters to be a success. Popular titles like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds have refreshed old genres and turned them into huge hits on the App Store. The App Store has also given classic video games a new home and a chance to capture the attention of a whole new generation. CS54 Inc.'s new title Galactic Nemesis offers both a simplistic and nostalgic gaming experience on the iPhone. The game is a throwback to the old-school arcade space shooters that dominated arcades and local pizza parlors in the 80s, but it also offers enough depth to make it standout as a modern title.

First let me say that fixed shooters really translate well to the iPhone. The controls are perfect for smaller screens and there is no need for virtual buttons that clutter up your display. In Galactic Nemesis you just use simple drag-and-shoot controls to blast your way through 36 levels of interplanetary dogfights. Lifting your finger from your display opens a menu of upgrades such as shields and lasers for when you need a little more firepower.

What sets Galactic Nemesis apart from the older games it pays tribute to is the ability to earn coins so you can upgrade your weapons. There are also 8 different ships you can unlock and max out as you advance through the game, challenges to complete on each level and the option to buy advantages such as additional shields before you takeoff on your adventure. These are all purchased with in-game money and not IAPs.

Galactic Nemesis

Galactic Nemesis is a fun hidden gem currently available on the App Store for $1.99. It supports all devices running iOS 7.0 or later.


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