5 dominant new Hearthstone cards you must have

Hearthstone iOS game

Hearthstone fans rejoice! The popular card game’s latest expansion (Whispers of the Old Gods) is upon us, and with it comes 134 new cards to play with.

While this number is certainly exciting, it’s also somewhat intimidating. Resources for acquiring new cards in Hearthstone are always low (unless you happen to not be opposed to spending a lot of money on the game) meaning that being able to acquire all of these new cards will take some time.

The free packs you get as a part of the release of this game certainly help, but ultimately you’re going to have to make some tough decisions regarding what cards to craft and which to ignore. Fortunately, a number of high-quality cards have already made themselves known in the short time that this game has been available, meaning that we can safely recommend acquiring the following cards by any means necessary should you with to dominate your games.

Flamewreathed Faceless

“Wow” is all you can really say when you look at Flamewreathed Faceless.

This card's seven attack, seven health statline usually costs you around seven mana, but here you get it for four. This makes Flamewreathed Faceless the most aggressive card in Hearthstone at the moment. There will be many times when your opponent simply won’t be able to deal with this card and, if that happens, you just win the game outright.

Be sure to take advantage of this card’s power level in aggressive decks before the developers realize how powerful it truly is and perhaps remove it.

Twin Emperor Vek'lor

Were it not for the fact you receive the legendary card C’Thun for free, it would easily top this list as it is an absurdly powerful card. While all the cards that assist C’Thun ar worth owning, the best of them all is Twin Emperor Vek’lor.


If your C’Thun card has 10 attack and 10 health - which is quite easy to obtain - then this card generates a duplicate of itself. This creates an incredible powerful defensive wall that all but guarantees your opponent will have to overexert themselves just to get by.

If you’re planning on using C’Thun, then you need Twin Emperor Vek’lor.


It’s rare that a card is as powerful as it is fun to use, but that’s exactly what we have in Evolve.


Although Evolve’s transform ability doesn’t guarantee that you will get a more powerful minion, it’s almost impossible to not get value out of this card if you use it wisely. The key here is to use Evovle when you either have a board full of small minions, or a couple of mid-cost minions that could benefit greatly from going up a level.

Play Evolve in either of these situations and you’ll be laughing your way to victory.

Call Of The Wild

Though opinions were split regarding whether this card would be worthwhile or not when it was revealed, a single day of play has already silenced all doubters.


What’s so impressive about this card is its versatility. If you’re playing an aggressive deck you’ll find that the creatures this ability generates tends to allow you to kill your opponent that turn or the one after, while slower decks benefit from its ability to create a board that your opponent must deal with before attacking you.

The Hunter class is in a very good spot right now following this latest expansion and this card is a big part of the reason why.

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

Yogg-Saron is, without a doubt, the craziest and most unpredictable card that has ever entered the world of Hearthstone. The moment it was revealed, everyone knew that it would be the source of amusing highlight videos for years to come.


The dirty secret about this card, though, is that it's actually pretty good. When played in a class that uses a lot of spells naturally (like Rogue and Mage) this card generates so much chaos when played that you’re almost guaranteed to come out on top by the time that it’s done.

Although the incredibly random nature of this card can make you lose as a result of playing it, Yogg-Saron is still one of the most powerful finishers in the game.