New app helps you locate your missing AirPods

Lost AirPods

Apple's AirPods became an instant meme thanks to the assumption that they would be easy to misplace due to their wireless design, but all jokes aside, losing a $160 accessory isn't really all that humorous. AirPods lack the wires that tether standard earbuds and other headphone accessories to their owners. This makes them smaller and easier to lose while you are on the go, exercising or performing other outdoor activities. The AirPods are also not tethered to each other, meaning you could misplace just one, forcing you to shell out $70 for an individual replacement. Luckily there is now an app available that helps you locate your missing AirPods.

Finder for Airpods allows users to use their iPhone or iPad to locate any lost AirPod accessories. The app is easy to use, just open the app and select which AirPod is missing, then dock the remaining AirPod in its case. Tap the "Start Finding" button and the built-in meter will tell you when you're getting closer to your lost device. Your iPhone or iPad needs to be paired with your missing AirPod, and it must be charged for the app to work.

The app isn't super accurate. It is more like playing a game of "Hot and Cold," but it can make finding your missing AirPods less stressful.

The app is relatively new, so it doesn't have a lot of App Store ratings. At the time of this post it has earned 4.5 stars from 15 reviews. Finder for AirPods is available now on the App Store for $3.99. It supports all devices running iOS 10.1 or later.

Here is a quick video showing how the app works, and the Conan O'Brien parody of Apple's AirPods commercial.