Apple event details confirmed by iOS 11

iOS 11

Apple is set to announce several new products tomorrow at its brand new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. Besides showing off the company's new digs, Apple is expected to take the wraps off of a special-edition 10th anniversary iPhone. While there have been several beta versions of iOS 11 released to the public, a wave of information was revealed last week by a leaked copy of the golden master.

Several sites received access to the iOS 11 golden master late Friday, in what appears to be a deliberate leak to the press. Apple was saving a few surprises in the firmware for Tuesday's product announcement. At the top of the list were the official marketing names for the latest iPhones. According to developers who have examined the iOS 11 golden master code, Apple will launch an OLED "iPhone X" alongside an "iPhone 8" and "iPhone 8 Plus".

The iPhone X will feature 3GB of RAM and 6-core A11 processor inside. Face ID is set to replace Touch ID as a new mechanism for accessing the device. In fact, developers were able to run the Face ID setup process, which scans the user's face in 3D. Apple Pay will also use Face ID, although payment must be confirmed by pressing the power button.

Evidence was also found confirming the "Apple TV 4K". The update will bring UHD video support to Apple's set top box, and requires a 15 Mbps for streaming at 4K resolution. Other tidbits include the launch of an LTE-equipped Apple Watch Series 3, which will share a phone number with the paired iPhone. Apple will also refresh its wireless AirPods with a new version.