How to reopen recently closed tabs in Safari

Safari iOS

Opening multiple tabs in Safari on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is easy. iOS stores the tabs until the user is finished with them and closes them out. The process to close a tab in Safari equally simple, however sometimes the wrong tab gets swiped by mistake. What happens if you need a tab you recently closed?

Luckily, iOS and macOS both include the following trick to display a list of recently closed tabs. Once the list is opened, any recently closed Safari tab can be reopened with one tap.

  1. Open Safari and tap the tabs button at bottom right.
  2. Safari tabs
  3. Long press the add (+) button.
  4. Safari tabs add
  5. Choose the tab to reopen from the list of Recently Closed Tabs.
  6. Safari Recently Closed Tabs

When it's time to clear all of your Safari tabs and start fresh, follow this tip to instantly close all open tabs in iOS.