How to auto-close Safari tabs on iPhone

Safari tabs Settings

Accumulating open tabs in Safari happens quickly on an iOS device. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can easily watch the browser tabs pile up, unless they are manually closed one at a time. iOS 13 and later offers a way to keep Safari tabs under control automatically. Tabs can be set to expire after a certain time frame, which means they only stay open for a limited time.

Setting up Safari to make tabs auto-close takes place under Settings. Once Safari knows to close open tabs after a specific time period, they will automatically close as they get older.

Follow the steps in these instructions to make Safari tabs auto-close on an iOS device:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Safari
  2. Swipe down and tap Close Tabs
  3. Select After One Day, One Week or One Month
  4. Safari tabs will automatically close after the selected time period