How to save Twitter videos to iPhone


On the Twitter app, users can easily save photos from a tweet. Downloading videos from Twitter is a different story. As of this writing, there is no way to save a video from the Twitter app to iPhone. Many apps give the option of grabbing a video directly to the Photos app for later viewing or sharing. No such function exists in the official Twitter app. So how does one save a Twitter video to iPhone?

There are several workarounds that make it possible to download a Twitter video on iOS. Here are two methods to save Twitter videos for free.

Grab Twitter videos with a Shortcut

  1. Launch Safari and open the link to the TVDL v3.1 shortcut
  2. Tap Add Shortcut
  3. Launch the Twitter app
  4. To save a video tap the Share Tweet button -> Share via -> TVDL v3.1
  5. Choose Allow Once or Always Allow
  6. Select your video quality
  7. The video will download to the Photos app

Save Twitter videos in Safari

  1. Launch the Twitter app
  2. Tap the Share Tweet button -> Copy Link
  3. Launch Safari and open the link to Downloader for Twitter
  4. Paste the Tweet link
  5. Choose a video quality by tapping the correct Download button
  6. Tap Download to confirm
  7. Tap the blue download arrow in the Safari search bar
  8. Select Downloads -> Tap the video file
  9. Tap the Share Button -> Save Video
  10. The video will download to the Photos app