iOS App of the Week: Lipsi - anonymous messaging


Lipsi is a new anonymous messaging app that is slowly climbing the App Store charts. Founded by 23-year-old Matthew Segal, Lipsi allows users to communicate with strangers, or get anonymous feedback from co-workers or social media followers.

The app works two ways. First you can communicate with other Lipsi users based on your location. For example, you see a cute person on the street and are too afraid to approach them, or you just started college and you want to make new friends. The app not only makes contacting strangers safer, but it also eliminates social anxiety.

Users can also use the app by posting or sharing their Lipsi link online or on social media. You can ask your followers tough questions and they can answer anonymously. The link can also be used by employers to ask employees questions they may not typically answer honestly, or it can be used to get feedback from customers for an online business.

Users must be 18-years or older to join Lipsi, and the community has strict standards against abusive behavior. Lipsi warns each user it will unveil their identity in case of threats or abusive behavior. It still remains to be seen if Lipsi will be able to keep its community a safe space. Other anonymous messaging apps, like Yik Yak, have had issues with abuse, and Lipsi may find it is hard to control as it gains popularity.

Lipsi is available for free on the App Store. It requires an email, Facebook or Google account to join.