iOS App of the Week: Oddmar


Oddmar is a spiritual successor to the popular platformer Leo's Fortune. The game was originally titled Viking Mushroom and set to ship in 2016, but it never happened. The sequel finally reappeared titled as Oddmar, four years after Leo's Fortune captured many hearts on mobile devices.

Oddmar is now available on the Apple App Store. The game is set in a Viking universe, and follows Oddmar, who is shunned by his fellow villagers. One day Oddmar gets the chance to prove himself worthy of a place in Valhalla and finally earn the respect of the other vikings.

Like its predecessor, Oddmar features lush visuals animated as a motion comic, but this time players have the aid of shields and weapons to take on their adventure. The game also includes new unique enemies, boss fights and characters players can interact with.

Players must journey through 24 hand-crafted levels of physics-based puzzles as they meet new friends, dodge traps, and take on deadly enemies. Modeled after classic platformers like Mega Man and Donkey Kong, Oddmar features dynamic environments to add extra levels of difficulty.

Oddmar is a premium title available for $4.99. It has already earned a solid 5-star on the App Store and has been selected as an Apple Editor's Choice.