iOS App of the Week: Delivery from the Pain

Delivery from the Pain

Those who followed our coverage of Last Day on Earth will already know that I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic crafting games. Delivery from the Pain might as well be a Last Day clone and that's why it is getting my recommendation. The biggest difference between the two game is price. Last Day is free, while Delivery is $4.99. Delivery also includes a story, defined goals, and it does not have timers which makes it worth the download fee.

Delivery starts off like most post-apocalyptic games and movies. You and a stranger find yourself in a zombie infested town and must collect supplies to reach a far away stronghold. Your partner eventually dies after the tutorial and you're on your own to survive. During the day you scavenge different locations for crafting materials, while at night you study and relax in your shelter. Your goal is to collect supplies to fortify your defenses, and eventually leave your shelter for a safer location.

Crafting in Delivery is super easy. You use your survival guide to learn how to craft an item, then you can scavenge for materials to build that item. Crafting simple items helps you develop more skills to create more complex items.


During the day you can search abandoned houses and other locations to look for crafting materials and other supplies such as food and weapons. This is when you will encounter zombies and other creatures. You will always need to be armed with the best weapons to fight off the undead when you can't sneak by them. You will also need to keep an eye on your health, rest, appetite/thirst and mood. If you let one of these things get too low the game is over.

You have a limited amount of space to carry items. This includes weapons, food, drinks, medicine and scraps to turn into raw material to craft newer items. You will need to mindful of what weapons to carry, what materials you decide to scavenge and when to eat and drink. You also must decide when it is worth engaging a zombie for more materials.

At night you must return to your shelter where you can store your items, relax and craft. You can then try to find some sleep before you wake up to do it all over again.

Delivery from the Pain is great because it is not a free title. You can just play the game without having to wait for timers or spend money on IAPs. This is very rare in the crafting/survival genre on mobile devices. Hopefully fans of survival games discover and support it on the Apple App Store.