iOS App of the Week: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Not all movie franchises can have big crossover events on the big screen like Marvel's Infinity War, but that's not stopping Disney from bringing its characters together on smaller devices. Disney has partnered with PerBlue Entertainment to launch Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. The action-packed RPG stars heroes from popular Disney and Pixar titles such as The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story, Zootopia and more.

Battle Mode encourages players to pair up different characters and create unlikely teams to take down a malevolent virus. The game includes 25 different Disney and Pixar characters to unlock and add to your team. You can assemble your team of 5 characters before each level. Each character comes with their own special abilities that can be used in tandem with their teammates to take down waves of opponents. You can upgrade each of your characters after each successful battle, and power them up with badges as you advance.

The battle system in Battle Mode is a bit repetitive. Instead of a classic turn-based RPG system, characters fight automatically with players only controlling special moves. Each automatic attack thrown by a character fills a gauge that you can tap when full to unleash an ultimate move. The game is more of a grind fest to unlock new characters and earn experience and badges. You need to collect chips to unlock new heroes. The more powerful the hero the more chips you will need to collect.

You can also upgrade your heroes by collecting badges. Equipping a hero with all the required badges will allow you to promote them and improve their stats. Some badges have to be crafted from combining lesser badges. Every time a hero is promoted they will require all new badges for you to upgrade them again.

One can only assume if there is interest in the game that PerBlue Entertainment will eventually add more heroes in future updates. There is a lot of potential for interesting team ups with Disney's vast catalog of films.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is available for free on the Apple App Store.