iOS App of the Week: Dungeon Crawlers

Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord

This week we are looking at three new dungeon crawlers released to the Apple App Store. Dungeon crawlers are typically fantasy RPG titles where the goal is to complete labyrinth-like environments while collecting loot and battling different types of enemies. Roguelike dungeon crawlers are a popular subgenre on the App Store. In roguelike adventures the dungeons, loot and enemies are randomly generated. This gives roguelike titles more replay value since players can experience a new adventure every time they play. Here are three popular dungeon crawlers availble now for the iPhone and iPad.

Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord allows you to play as the bad guy. Instead of being the hero who vanquishes the monsters and collects the loot, you're the Dark Lord trying to defend your dungeon. Dungeon Maker is a roguelike title that incorporates card and tower defense mechanics. Players must use cards to build traps, hire monsters, and discover relics to protect their dungeon from a mob of heroes. The game includes 7 Dark Lords all with different skills, over 100 monsters and heroes, 70 traps and over 130 relics to discover.

Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord is available for $2.99 on the App Store.

Handelabra Games has brought their board game One Deck Dungeon to tablets. One Deck is a streamlined roguelike played with dice and cards that is meant to be played in quick 15 minute sessions. The game can be played by one or two players. It features 5 heroes and 5 different challenges to face. The iPad version comes with one expansion pack of cards available as an IAP.

One Deck Dungeon
One Deck Dungeon is available for $8.99 for the iPad only, $9.99 on Steam or for $25 for the physical board game.

Sir Questionnaire offers a different twist on the dungeon crawler genre. Described as a "hack’n’slash game," each room gives players one of two options like "walk" or "attack." Players must choose wisely to survive and collect items that will help them slay the bigger monsters they will encounter as they advance deeper into the dungeon.

Sir Questionnaire is available for only $2.99.