How to use Find My iPhone with HomePod

Use Siri to Find My iPhone on HomePod

HomePod owners already know that Siri can help with a variety of tasks. Asking Siri to deliver the weather forecast, play music, or answer iPhone calls is just the beginning. For anyone using Find My iPhone to track a lost or missing device, Siri on HomePod can help with that, too.

Instead of running to a web browser and signing in to Find My iPhone, HomePod users can simply use their voice to ask Siri for assistance. Any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple Watch linked to the same Apple ID as the HomePod can be found quickly.

Use a combination of any these commands to play a sound on your misplaced device with Find My iPhone:

  • Hey Siri, find my iPhone
  • Hey Siri, play a sound on my iPad
  • Hey Siri, where's my iPod touch?
  • Hey Siri, I lost my Apple Watch
  • Hey Siri, find my Mac

Siri may ask for clarification if there are multiple devices linked to your account. For example, if there are two iPads then Siri may ask which iPad you've misplaced.

At the moment, the HomePod cannot help locate AirPods. However, Siri on iOS devices will recognize commands like "Hey Siri, I lost my AirPods" and play a sound on missing AirPods within Bluetooth range.