Hearthstone announces five card nerfs for December

Wild Growth Nerf

Bastion isn't the only one being nerfed. Blizzard today announced that it would be balancing its Hearthstone collectible card game with several card nerfs in a patch for both iOS and Android. The update is being rolled out to improve the "long-term health of both Standard and Wild.," according to a blog post.

Three cards, Wild Growth, Nourish and Level Up! will see mana increases, and Leeching Poison will be reduced to one mana, down from two. Leeching Poison will now also only give you Lifesteal for one turn instead of permanently. Saronite Chain will now summon a Saronite Chain Gang instead of creating a copy of itself.

Hearthstone Nerfs 2018

  • Wild Growth - Will now cost 3 mana (up from 2)
  • Nourish - Will now cost 6 mana (up from 5)
  • Level Up! - Will now cost 6 mana (up from 5)
Saronite Chain Nerf

The update will roll out sometime on December 19th.

Blizzard has also asked fans to offer feedback on the "timing of the update" and "individual card changes." Players can leave feedback in the comments section of the Hearthstone blog.

Hearthstone is a free to play collectible card game for mobile devices. It is available to download from the Apple App Store. Originally introduced for only the iPad. Hearthstone is now compatible with all devices running iOS 8.0 or later.