iOS App of the Week: DC Universe

DC Universe

The streaming market is about to get very crowded with heavy hitters like Apple and Disney preparing to throw their hat in the ring. Consumers already have a ton of choices with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and specialty services like HBO GO, WWE Network and CBS All Access. Users are going to have to decide what movies and television shows are worth watching and subscribe accordingly, and Warner Bros.' DC Universe should be a serious contender for fans of the superhero genre.

Marvel may be the king of the live action superhero movie, but DC is killing it with their animated features and original series on its new streaming service. DC Universe is a subscription service that gives users access to new DC series such as Titans, older DC properties, digital comic downloads and news. Unlike Marvel whose IP is owned by different studios, DC has the rights to all their series and movies allowing them to build a fun back catalog of serials, television shows and movies. Warner Bros. has even gone back and remastered old shows like the 1974 Shazam and Batman: The Animated Series.

While it is great to have a access to all of DC's older television shows and movies, what makes DC Universe worth its subscription fee is its original content. Warner Bros. has really hit it out of the park with the return of its popular animated series Young Justice and its live action series Doom Patrol. Its flagship series Titans felt a bit rushed and incomplete, but it was still serviceable.

DC has two more original series in the works, Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn, and hopefully plans to add more movies and television shows in the future. Warner Bros. should really consider including its live action films like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, if they plan to compete with Disney, who have the entire Marvel movie universe at their disposal.

The DC Universe app allows you to access your subscription wherever you go. You can watch movies and shows directly on your device, or stream it to any Chromecast-equipped television set. The app also allows you to download select digital comics and read them on your iPhone or iPad.

The DC Universe app is free to download. A subscription is $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year. You can give the service a spin for free with a 7-day free trial.