Noodlecake announces Golf Blitz launching worldwide on May 2nd

Golf Blitz

The next game in the Super Stickman Golf series will launch worldwide on May 2nd, according to its developer, Noodlecake Games. Titled "Golf Blitz," Noodlecake describes the new entry as a "spiritual successor" to Super Stickman that expands the multiplayer aspect of Super Stickman.

Golf Blitz is more competitive than previous Super Stickman titles, promising no cheating and "true leaderboards." The game is now played in portrait rather than landscape and the controls have also been changed to a "drag and pull system" allowing for one-hand play. All players in a match receive the same randomly selected power ups with different energy values. Players can use a power up after they have acquired enough energy in their power bar, which fills up over the course of a match. Power ups include a collection of new and old advantages, such as the famous Sticky Ball.

The game includes a trophy system, deep progression, lots of surprises to unlock and stuff to customize. You can see a 10-minute demo of Golf Blitz at GDC here, and check out the trailer below.

Super Stickman Presents Golf Blitz has soft launched in in Canada, Ireland, Germany, South Korea and the Philippines. It will be available worldwide for both iOS and Android on May 2nd. You can visit the official website or Discord for more information.

Super Stickman Golf 1-3 are available on the Apple App Store starting at $2.99.