Fake iPhones Have Infinite Battery Life

iPhone rage has been known to make people do horrible things to their iPhones. Many devices have met a gruesome fate after crossing their owners for the last time.

iphone dummy

Apple's flagship mobile product has been threatened at gunpoint, smashed, drowned and even shot at and burned. Now there's a much less expensive way to take out your anger at Apple and its fanboys.

Website iphonedummy.net is selling these accurate-looking dummy iPhones for $19.95. Apparently there's a high demand for the non-functional look alike product. Shipping is backed up three weeks on current orders.

Why would you buy an iPhone dummy aka “display model” or “display phone”? We have no idea, but you know you want one. Oh, of course, you can use it for photographs, as decoration in your room, or impress your friends with it, but we all know it will end up trashed somewhere. So buy two. Or three.

The buttons have the same look and feel as real iPhone buttons, although the screen on the fake is plastic. The dummy iPhone never turns on. When your real iPhone running firmware 3.1 goes dead now you can throw its twin out the window.

The company is even offering 25% off repeat orders if you send in photos or video of your iPhone "smashing/crashing/trashing/microwaving" experience.