Deals: How to get a HomePod $70 off

HomePod discount

The HomePod is currently priced at $299 from Apple. Refurbished HomePods are not in stock, so how can one get a deep discount on a new HomePod smart speaker? Turns out that anyone can get a white or space gray HomePod delivered to their door while saving a cool seventy bucks.

So, what's the catch? Well this particular brand new HomePod comes in bulk packaging. That means a non-retail package, that won't be as slick and beautiful as Apple's original box. But if you're more interested in a brand new HomePod, complete with one year warranty, than your are in the packaging, then ordering your HomePod from Other World Computing puts $70 in your pocket.

It might be the best deal on the HomePod yet, with their Cyber Saver going for just $228.88. This saves $70.12 over the Apple store price. From Other World Computing:

HomePod is the amazing speaker from Apple, engineered from the ground up to provide the most phenomenal sound in a device just 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide. HomePod features an array of seven beamforming, horn-loaded, tweeters, each with their own custom amplifier, designed to focus sound for optimal directional control. A high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier and powerful motor, provide deep, rich, base that is continuously analyzed and tuned for smooth, immersive sound.

For those in the market for a HomePod, now is the time to save $70 off a new unit that ships the same day as the order is completed. Pricing at their site is currently the cheapest available anywhere for a new HomePod. And, if you're looking to create a stereo pair or buy HomePods for multiple rooms in your house, don't worry—OWC will let you order up to 3 HomePods per customer. Pick one up while supplies last.