iOS App of the Week: Cat Condo 2

Cat Condo 2

Cat Condo 2 is a therapeutic tapping title where there is no real major goal. All you do is build your own cat tower and populate it with different types of cats by combining them. You start with a basic kitty, then combine two of those to unlock a "sneaky cat," then you repeat the process over and over until you unlock all 32 cats.

The game can seem annoying at first with its sneaky ads. There's lots of stuff to tap in Cat Condo and most of it leads to an annoying ad, but once you figure out what not to tap, the game can become a fun, mind numbing time killer. With it's annoying jingle, cat sounds and money bell, Cat Condo can easily mesmerize you. You also don't have to furiously tap, like in other tapping games. You just tap the cat carrier to reveal your basic kitty and swipe to combine two kitties.

There's a lot going on in Cat Condo. The longer you play the more things you unlock. Each cat on your tower earns you coins, and you will eventually unlock a Pet Shop where you can spend your money. Here you can by rare cats to help speed up your path to unlocking even rarer cats. There are also lots of opportunities to earn bonuses, mini-games to play and you can upgrade your cat tower, change the background and more.

Cat Condo 2 is available for free on the Apple App Store. It is an adorable title for anyone looking for something simple to pass the time. You will get good at avoiding ads, but they're not 100% dodgeable. Unfortunately it does not look like there is an option to pay to upgrade to an ad-free version. Maybe Zepni will add that option in a future update.