How to protect your titanium Apple Card

Apple Card protection and cleaning

The first Apple credit card is also the first payment method made of titanium. This special material has been coated using a multi-layer process that gives the metal base layer its unique appearance. Most credit cards are plastic, which take on wear and tear such as scratches with heavy use. The Apple Card is no different, as its laser-etched surface can be permanently damaged without proper care and storage.

Apple touts several advantages of its product over other credit cards, such as cash back deals on Apple Card that are automatically redeemed. While there are many ways to use Apple Card directly from an iPhone or online, there are times when a physical credit card with a magnetic stripe is needed. Keep your Apple Card looking new by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure Apple Card is stored in a bag, pocket, or wallet made of soft material
  • Placing Apple Card next to another credit card may scratch the coating
  • Like other payment cards, keep the Apple Card away from magnets to protect information on the magnetic stripe
  • Keep Apple Card away from keys, loose change, and other objects that could scratch its surface
  • To prevent discoloration or stains, don't let Apple Card rub against leather or blue jeans

Should the Apple Card become dirty or covered with contaminants, you can use this method to safely clean Apple Card.

Sometimes credit cards are bent, demagnetized or otherwise damaged. If your Apple Card gets ruined or lost, follow these steps to request a replacement Apple Card.

Apple Card is not the only metal credit card, but it may be the only one with its own design video. With proper care, the titanium Apple Card will continue to look and function like new.