Why are Shazams missing from My Shazam Tracks in Spotify?

Shazam is linked to my Spotify subscription, but Shazams aren't syncing. Why are new Shazams missing from My Shazam Tracks playlist on Spotify?

My Shazam Tracks

Linking Shazam to Spotify makes for a seamless playback experience. Shazams are automatically added to a playlist in Spotify named My Shazam Tracks. Sometimes the number of Shazams in the Shazam app doesn't match the number of songs in the Spotify playlist. Where are the missing songs?

Sometimes there is a problem with the link between Shazam and Spotify. First try reconnecting Spotify to Shazam with these steps.

If songs are still missing, these tracks are not available in the Spotify library. There are several reasons why a song or album is unplayable in Spotify, such as copyright restrictions.