Video Calling Comes to iPhone

Many had speculated that the iPhone 3GS would have a front-facing camera and feature video calling, however this did not come to fruition. Now fring has released the first-ever video calling application for the iPhone.

Fring works with Google Talk, Skype, Facebook and AIM and has supported VoiP communications since the beginning. Version 3.0 with video chat support works with any iPhone running firmware 3.0 or later.

The only problem is that current iPhone and iPod Touch models do not have a front-facing camera, so the video calling only works in one direction (you can't make outgoing video calls with the iPhone, only receive them). Some Nokia devices support two-way video calling since the hardware is configured differently.

Fring is a free app download and will only work on a Wi-Fi connection. AT&T has stated that it intends to support VoiP services via its 3G network in the future.

Should the next iPhone (hardware version 3,1 currently in field testing) be released next summer with a front-facing camera, we can expect many more similar video calling iPhone applications. Apple could even include their own video calling app, assuming that wireless carriers didn't object over bandwidth issues.


I can't wait!!!! This is a breakthrough for deaf people in the community! We need it so badly..... to have video phone to talking thru our hands and faces to see on screen. Let's hope Apple is working on next generation iphone 4G with two way camera in mid- summer 2010.